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What To Do During Quarantine 


You have to stay quarantined at your home due to the circumstances that you’re been in. it doesn’t matter if you are tested positive or negative for the virus, it’s important for you to be in quarantine away from other people for at least for 10 days. During this quarantine session, you might get bored, since you can’t be in any physical contact with anyone. So, to make sure that you are spending your quarantine time wisely here are a few activities that you can do by yourself. 


Finish A Whole Book 

If before this you keep putting on to read any book, this is the perfect timing for you to grab them and start reading them. Take this time to finally take the book out off your shelves and start to get immersed with the characters and the storyline of the books. Reading books can help you to stay sane, lower your level of stress and it’s also good for your brain. If you somehow don’t own any physical books you can still read them by downloading an ebook or an audiobook. Really there are no excuses for us to not read any books. 


Play Online Games 

It’s good to distract ourselves from any negative thoughts for a while. There are tons of online games that you can find on the Internet, and every game is easy and you can play them for free. If you want to play online casinos you can even go to mega888 which is the best online casino website that serves many online casino games for you. 


Journal Down Your Feelings 

Being in quarantine by yourself can get pretty emotional sometimes, and help you to be able to control your emotions better. It’s good to write down about your day during quarantine and you can write down about your feeling and emotions. This way, you can keep track of your emotions throughout quarantine. 


Workout Routine 

It’s important to move around and sweat our bodies. Not only it’s good for our physical but it’s also good for our mental and emotions. You don’t have to do any heavy or hard workout sessions that can cause stress to your body, there are tons of light workouts and stretches that you can follow on Youtube. 


Eat Good Food 

During quarantine sessions, your body can get pretty weak and exhausted all the time. It’s important to feed your body with filling and nutritious food to give them the needed energy to function and also the nutrients that it needs. You can either prepare the meal by yourself or if you are too weak to do so, you can just order them from any restaurant and ask them to drop it in front of your door. 


Keep In Touch 

When you are alone by yourself during the hardest time, you need to make sure that you’re always in touch with your loved ones. Thanks to the advanced technology that we have nowadays, distance is no longer an excuse for us to not be able to get in touch with our loved ones. We can call them, messages them, or video call them to ask about their well-being and how they’re cooperating with this pandemic. 


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