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Affiliate Marketing

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Affiliate marketing, just like any other industry, is also subject to the shifting of trends. Affiliate marketers should stay abreast of these trends to ensure that they can align their strategies accordingly.
Today, I am going to be talking about some of the top affiliate marketing trends to watch in 2019.

Content is ‘Still’ King

What makes affiliate marketing so appealing to companies is that it is a way for them to promote their products but do so in such a way that will not annoy their potential customers.

Affiliate marketers can promote their products by creating high-quality content that their consumers will love. It is also the marketer’s job to include their affiliate links in the content that they provide so as to not be off-putting.

However, you have to understand that the content type is subject to change in the near future. For quite some time, blog posts have become the end-all-, be-all when it comes to content but as more and more people have access to highly-capable mobile devices and faster internet connections, you can expect video content to be the true king in the foreseeable future.

More Discounts to Consumers

In this day and age, the preferred shopping method seems to be online shopping. In fact, there are already some stores that have closed down simply because there aren’t a lot of people going to them anymore.

That being said, affiliates can actually provide discounts to their audience in the form of cashback. You see, as more and more people indulge in online shopping, the success of some e-commerce stores is inevitable and one way for them to give back to the community would be in the form of discounts.
By telling your users that they can gain discounts from the affiliate links you provide, you will most likely convince them to make the purchase.

Do not worry, even if the product is sold at a discounted price, you will still gain the maximum commissions promised to you using the original price.

Try Different Niches

Although romance, wealth, and health are all evergreen niches that never go out of style, there is stiff competition if you are to focus on any of these industries.

Therefore, it may be time for you to go off the beaten path and try some other niches instead. As more and more people have higher incomes per capita, it should come as no surprise that more and more people now have a lot of disposable income to spend.

And, since people opt for shopping online, you might want to focus on the grocery and medicine industries as they are highly viable.

Artificial Intelligence

Everything that uses technology nowadays is subject to the power of artificial intelligence. It is purported that AI will be utilized by the affiliate marketing industry in the form of chatbots. This is probably to help you talk to your customers to ease their lives. We may yet see other implementations of AI in this industry, but it is good to know that steps are already taken.