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Ready For A Bathroom Remodel? Here Is How To Do It

The bathroom is where we begin our day and it is also where we end our day. The first splash of water to our face in the bathroom is like a wake-up call and the last shower of the day is like a call for a good night’s sleep. 


Our bathroom is also th one place in our home where we get full privacy. Hence it has become a safe space for many people. Living in a household of more than two to three people, there is honestly nowhere to go except for the bathroom for privacy. This is a universal pain understood by many especially mothers. 

In spite of being such a safe space, and an inspirational one, we still neglect the remodeling of our bathroom. After all, it is where we only shower and get ready right? The bathroom holds a lot more significance than the number two we do in there. 

Bathroom remodeling can get expensive very quickly. But it is the one place in our home where we dont have to frequently change or redesign. Remodeling a bathroom is an investment. Whether we are moving into the Tropicana home for the first time or have lived there for several years, a bathroom remodel is a necessary investment.  

There are simple things we can do for a remodeling. We can change the tiles, the vanity, the tub, or even the color. Let’s look at our choice for improvements. 

Bringing In A New Tub 

One of the fancier and dramatic things we can do to give a new look to our bathroom is introducing a tub. Introducing a tub is incredibly expensive but it is a major step that can make our bathroom feel new and luxurious. The bathtub should be matching the interior of the bathroom so that it does not look out of place and weird. It should match in terms of color, design, vibe and aesthetic. It also should be taking up an appropriate amount of space in the bathroom. 

The Look Of Your Tiles

Sometimes the tiles make all the difference in the bathroom. Having lighter shades and even bigger tiles can make the bathroom look so much bigger and give an illusion of luxury. Darker tiles can bring a look of nonchalance and royalty to the bathroom. Patterned tile can give a nostalgic feeling to the bathroom. No matter what design or look you are going for, taking up the tiles and replacing them with brand new ones will instantly change the look of the bathroom. Sometimes the tiles are not only for your floor. Many use ceramic tiles for a nice backsplash and even a nice ceramic wall that brings accents and layers of decorations to the bathroom. Rather than painting a color, go for tiles. 

Changing The Bathroom Appliances

From the faucets to the toilet bowl, changing the look of all the appliances and bathroom furniture will bring a whole new look. When making your purchases make sure to read all the reviews and have a warranty. Remodeling a bathroom is expensive so it is important to get your money’s worth for your brand new home in Tropicana. We are often inspired by many beautiful hotel bathrooms in Malaysia and it is about time we get one that is hotel-worthy!

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