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Islands In Malaysia Perfect For Scuba Diving

I’m sure a lot of people who live in Malaysia have not experienced diving in Malaysia yet. Heck, a lot of people haven’t even travelled around Malaysia yet. Here is a brief note of the famous islands in Malaysia for scuba diving:

Redang Island

Redang Island, or “Pulau Redang” is one of the most famous islands in Malaysia. Redang Island is located near the city of Kuala Terengganu on Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast, within the Terengganu Marine Park. Redang has fantastic dive spots and ideal diving conditions. It’s an excellent site to start your diving journey because a four-day PADI course is relatively inexpensive. For your information, a PADI course is basically a diving course Malaysia. Although, the monsoon season prevents visitors from visiting Redang between October and March.

Tioman Island

Tioman’s diving conditions are similar to those of the other popular islands off Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast. Tioman is particularly appealing since, in addition to diving, it offers excellent opportunities for snorkelling, sunbathing, and kayaking. The island is large enough to accommodate a variety of other enjoyable activities. One disadvantage may be that it is not as accessible as other islands. Although, if you’re willing to take an extra flight or a little bit more expensive route, by all means, go ahead.

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Perhentian Island 

The diving conditions are ideal for beginners, and there are numerous dive sites to choose from once the PADI course is completed, of course. The seas of Perhentian are tranquil, and there is a profusion of marine life. Apart from diving, it’s arguably one of the best islands for snorkelling with shallow reefs, beautiful corals, and a diverse range of marine life (also big fish and many turtles). The cost for recreational dives and diving courses in the Perhentian Islands are perhaps the lowest in Malaysia. If you’re new to diving, Perhentian Island is the place to be!

Sipadan Island

Along with Mabul Island and Kapalai Island, Sipadan Island is one of the best spots to scuba dive. Sipadan is without a doubt the ideal spot to do scuba diving; but, due to the severe laws in place, it is not easy to dive there (daily permit). Mabul is known all over the world for its incredible muck diving. Kapalai is a little sandbank with a very exclusive resort built on stilts. It’s not ideal for diving, but it’s worth a visit. Actually, both Sipadan and Mabul deserve to be on this list, but because you can’t visit one (Sipadan) without seeing the other (Mabul), we combined the two into one item and made it the perfect vacation plan for you if you were to ever visit Malaysia. 

Lankayan Island

A small island located north of the city Sandakan which is off the coast of eastern Sabah in Malaysia. Only one resort exists on Lankayan, and it focuses on diving and relaxation. Not to mention, it’s really luxurious. Non-divers may find that lodging is prohibitively expensive, and they would be better served by visiting one of the many other islands. After Sipadan, Lankayan is home to some of Malaysia’s top diving locations and conditions.

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