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How Addicted Are Malaysians To The Technology?

The whole world is evolving towards betterment of technology as of now when we speak. The technology and computer science researchers have never taken a minute rest because they are the first persons who know exactly what is up with the universe and what kind of things they are able to create with their computing skills and their coding language expertise. In Malaysia, there is not much of a differential gap of technological advancement here. This is because many younger generations here are big fans of computer science and mostly things in that particular field. You can definitely see this from the admission application in university and tertiary education level where this course has been applied for many future students. 

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It is an understatement to say that Malaysians are into advanced technology. The thing is, they are super obsessed with it at this point of life. The more they are given better inventions, the more they crave for it. The closest and easiest example to look for is by the use of smartphones. Almost every Malaysian owns one and at this point, if someone does not possess it, it is something of a rarity because smartphones are nearly a basic need to connect and communicate essentially. 

Especially during the pandemic when working from home and online-distance learning courses are executed because it is better to socially distance from each other during this trying time. A lot of people are having a hard situation with their children not attending classes but they have come up with another learning method which is online classes. There is no denying that there are remaining people who do not have the luxury to have a smartphone, a laptop and a stable Internet connection. This happens because the government has made a survey and almost all possess one. This has caused kids from different parts of Malaysia to be disconnected from the real world. However, after many complaints and people reaching out, especially the charity clubs, the government has now been extending help in terms of financial aid, technology equipment and many more. 

Many Malaysians are glued to their gadgets looking for more advancement to get. Most of them are the same persons who buy robotic vacuum cleaners and other artificially intelligent engineered products. 

Not only that, Malaysians are incredibly obsessed with social media. That is one of the reasons why they have been super glued to their smartphones. There are so many things that have been turned online. You can even play casinos easily now by a mega888 download on your smartphone. You can do literally everything using your gadget now. We used to do online shopping where we were subjected to two or three days delivery waiting. However, now we have LalaMove, Grab and other services that can make such delivery in only one day. We can also order food while being at home. The next thing you know, your food is already by your doorstep and you can consume it right away without any worries and more waiting. 

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