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Different Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the most famous games at casinos, be it online or not! However, do you know that there are various types of slot machines? Well, hop on if you want to know the different types of slot machines! You can experience some of these slot machines on kaya918.

Single-coin machines

Single-coin machines are quite difficult to find. This is because they are overshadowed by the existence of slots that accept multiple coins for a spin and bills. These slot machines are usually not in a lot of gambling sites as they prefer to use slot machines that are far more advanced. This is because the more advanced slot machines are more fun than the single-coin machines so the casinos would prefer making their customers entertained. Moreover, this machine is also not that profitable so they are not that worth it. 


Multipliers are machines that can take more than one coin. It also contains a payout ratio that is based on the numbers of coins that you used while playing. 

This machine was introduced in 1987 by Bally. This discovery encouraged players in casinos to place higher bets that they used to. If you achieve any winning combinations, this machine will give you payout that is according to your combinations. There is an acceptance however when it involves the lucrative multipliers. They give a larger payout if you put the highest bet! 

Most casinos have a vast number of multipliers as most of their players love to give the maximum bet. However, they do have single-coin slot machines too.

Buy-Your-Pay Machines

Buy-Your-Pay Machines, as the name suggests, are slot machines that the number of coins you inserted determine the amount of winning combinations you can trigger. This slot machine accepts up to five coins for every spin. As an example, the machine might only register three bars as you winning if you only put in 1 coin. And the machine will not pay you if you actually trigger three cherries. But, the winning combinations will be more if you put more coins in the machine! 

However, these machines are not popular now. But you can still find them in certain casinos. Some advice if you decide to play these machines is that you should always bet the highest number! You do not want to waste your money right? 

Multiple Payline Machines

Slot machines, usually, will only have like one payline in the middle of its scream. To win, you must let the winning symbols to line up in the payline. But that is all in the past. A lot of manufacturers have produced new slot machines that have more than one payline! This is so that the players can be involved with more action and entertainment. 

Although, you will be charged with 1 extra credit for every payline you wish to add. When you put in the extra credit, an indicator light will be activated on the screen to show you that the payline is activated. The number of paylines in slot machines can reach up until more than five. Online casinos especially, offer paylines that reach more than 50 in their slot games! 

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