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Copper: The Uses And Its Importance

Copper: The Uses And Its Importance

Copper is known as one of the many elements on the periodic table. With the symbol being “Cu”, copper is also known to be a malleable and ductile metal, with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Besides that, it also believed that copper is the very first metal that was discovered by humans. 

It was already used efficiently as working tools, fittings, and cookwares. Hence, copper can be qualified as an important element even before the first ruler uses gold or silver as their crown and pieces of jewellery. In fact, Copper manufacturing is such a massive sector that it is frequently used to evaluate the condition of international markets.

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Other than being a workable and a high conducive material, copper is also very durable. This is because copper does not corrode when it is oxidizes, like most metals do. When copper oxidizes, it creates patina – a protective layer outside its surface. The patina gets even stronger when the copper is exposed to a longer oxidization. This protective layer can be preserved for thousands of years inside the copper.

Another wonderful fact that this element has is that it is very recyclable. This is because more than 80% of all copper mined and produced is still in use today. As a result, copper is regarded as one of the most environmentally safe metals.

There are many uses for copper in our every day life. Here are some examples that we are most familiar with:



Copper is also known as one of the few metals that have antibacterial properties. This is because copper can break down single-celled organisms, called as Oligodynamic effect, killing the bacteria. Hence, copper is a handy material to turn into pipes or any filtering applications. Copper alloys are commonly utilized to transport water or chemicals that need zero-level contamination. You can find copper fittings in Malaysia at your nearest hardware store.


Musical instrument

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Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is one of the many copper alloys out there that are valued for their acoustic characteristics. And there are so many brass-based instruments, a group of them has been dubbed brass.



If you’re on a subway, a terrace, or the stairway, you’ll probably grab the copper-based handrail closest to you. Railings are often touched areas, which is why they should be made of an antibacterial metal. They must also be constructed of a generally stylish material because they are visible.


Did you know? Copper is also important for your health, and you can experience copper deficiency if you don’t have a balanced diet. There are so many signs that you’re experiencing copper deficiency. Some of them are fatigue, frequent sickness, brittle bones, problem with memory and many more. 

Since copper and iron go hand-in-hand in the immune system, it is important to keep your copper level ideal, especially during the difficult time in quarantine, so your body can absorb iron efficiently. Some example of food as excellent source for copper are beef liver, oysters, lobsters, squid, dark chocolate and many more. 

As we can see, copper has been around for ages and has been used for multiple things in our daily life. It is important to know the uses and importance of copper, as to familiarize ourselves of the element and to never take it for granted.

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