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Casino Gambling Superstitions

Casino Gambling Superstitions: Can They Bring You Luck?

Gamblers are superstitious people. They would do anything and everything, in order to improve their winning chances. Whether it involves a ritual performance, or carrying lucky charms, they would do anything possible to push luck in their favor especially while playing 918kiss.

Superstition and Gambling

Casino Gambling SuperstitionsAs per the researches of some psychologists, superstitions can really develop in the practices of many gamblers. It becomes a basis of their gambling sessions. If a player wins, he would look back at what occurred during that winning session.

Will he wear that same piece of clothing for the next session? Is it the one responsible for his or her good fortune?

How do people come up with these superstitions? Well, not all of them are created through personal observations. Some have been passed down throughout the generations.

Several gamblers also develop “selective amnesia.” They only remember the events which correspond to their beliefs.

Popular Gambling Superstitions

  1. Various gamblers believe that it’s unlucky to enter the casino through its main entrance.
  2. They believe that those $50 bills are unlucky. They won’t accept them. Many casinos refuse to give out these bills when people cash in chips.
  3. There is a fear of whistling and singing while gambling.
  4. Many gamblers have favorite, lucky colors, and they wear them while gambling. For many, it is the color red, also as popularized by the Asian film “Kung Fu Mahjong.”

Harmless Fun

Casino Gambling SuperstitionsAt some point in our lives, we follow superstitions to accomplish our routines. Whether you are a gambler or not, you would want luck to be at your side all the time. It’s acceptable to follow these beliefs, just don’t allow them to control you.

Remember, if you’re feeling happy and lucky while playing, you will enjoy the game more. Lesser stress always leads to much better decisions.

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