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General Web Hosting

Benefits of Getting the Right Type of Hosting

With so many different websites telling you to maximize and improve the user experience, one way to do that would be to choose the right web hosting provider.
Before you sign up, you need to do your due diligence and find out more information about a particular hosting company. You need to find out their features, their price, and their overall reliability.
Be wary of online reviews that do not speak any ill as they are most likely articles that were written by affiliate marketers in the hopes of getting some profit.

That being said, if you happen to get the services of the best hosting provider out there, what are the benefits that you can expect? When choosing a web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on GoDaddy reviews Malaysia for more reliable reviews.


Well, ‘free’ in this context is a relative term. Although you are not paying any money to use this particular web hosting plan, the owners of the server will have to generate revenue in the form of banner ads. Sure, you can get your website online but at the cost of possibly tarnishing your reputation due to inappropriate ads (which sadly, you do not have any control over). This is only suited for people who just want to try to have their own website without ever having to worry about gaining an audience or conducting business.


This is the first paid variant and typically the one that you’re going to get. Shared web hosting plans typically provide you with enough features that are fit for the average consumer. However, keep in mind that because your website will be placed in just one server, you are going to experience some slowdowns from time to time.


In this type of hosting plan, you are given an entire server all to yourself. That means that all of its resources will be given to you at your disposal. Of course, because of the sheer bandwidth and power that you are given, it will come at a cost- something that most people cannot afford to keep.

Cloud Hosting

Deemed to be the future of web hosting, cloud hosting is still relatively new but one that is gaining traction. It solves a lot of issues associated with running traditional servers and is the preferred go-to option by many website owners these days.


The ‘right’ web hosting company for you is basically one that is able to give you what you need. If you need bandwidth and they are giving you an unlimited plan, then that, to you, is already good enough.
If you value server reliability and your current hosting company is able to give you at least 95% website uptime, then that would be a great thing.

And, if you happen to enjoy their customer support as you are able to call them no matter what time of day, then that, again, is a good thing.

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