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Top 5 Expensive Hobbies 

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Hobbies are something that most people have, any types of activities that we enjoy doing in our free time. It can be a simple hobby like reading, watching movies or maybe cooking. However, there are also expensive hobbies that certain people enjoy. The reason why these hobbies are being classified as expensive is that not a lot of people are interested in them, need a lot of materials to do this hobby, need a lesson to be able to do this type of hobby. Here are some of the top 5 expensive hobbies that some people enjoy. 


Mountain Climbing

While some people might put mountain climbing as a bucket list activity, there are a group of people that enjoy mountain climbing and considered it as a hobby that they’ll do occasionally. Some people engage in activities that test their physical, emotional, and mental fortitude. Most people can afford to participate in such activities. Others, on the other hand, cost tens of thousands of dollars to attempt. Mountain climbing is an example of such a hobby. To reach the peak of a towering mountain, mountain climbers must scale its heights. You need a lot of safety gear for this activity, you need to do an annual checkup for your health, etc. This is why this hobby is considered an expensive hobby. 


Car Racing 

For many individuals all around the world, car racing is a dangerous but thrilling hobby. However, because of the high expenditures of participating in a vehicle race, it is only accessible to wealthy petrol heads. Let’s look at the numbers and discover why this is one of the most expensive hobbies. The first obstacle to overcome is the cost of a good race car. While the cost of a good race car varies depending on a variety of aspects such as safety features, specifications, and mileage, to name a few, it usually falls between $10,000 and $250,000.



Gambling is considered an expensive hobby because you are betting a huge of money with a 50-50 chance of winning and losing. Not only that but the travel cost should also be considered if you are traveling all around the world, to go to the top and finest casinos. Gambling also doesn’t require you to be in a casino, you can be at a sports track or a horse track and gamble your money, and this is a type of gambling that will need you to bet a huge amount of cash. For practice, you can start at casino Malaysia online to polish your gambling skills. 


Art Collecting 

Any art lover in town has undoubtedly visited an art gallery at least once and possibly purchased a work of art. Art collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, but it is also one of the most costly. During auctions, certain paintings by well-known painters or sculptures by well-known artists command millions of dollars.


Car Collecting 

Most adults’ favorite toys are automobiles, and they are seldom satisfied with just one. Well, you can turn your passion for vehicles into a pastime by purchasing as many cars as you like to create a “car collection.” The hobby is exciting because it is costly, but it is worth it. Simply looking at people who collect vehicles as a pastime demonstrates that this activity is not for everyone.


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