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Wrist Watch Straps 101: 3 Most Popular Materials

Are you looking for a new women’s or men’s watch in Malaysia? There are tons of choices
around, so choosing one can be a bit hard. One of the most important aspects you should
consider when selecting a new timepiece is its strap.

Your choice of watch strap defines your personality and overall style. Make sure to look for the
most durable and versatile strap that is comfortable to wear every day. Below are four of the
most common materials used in making watch bands and straps.

1. Gold plated

In the fashion world, it’s perfectly fine to wear sleek accessories in order to accentuate your
entire look. Then, go for a gold-coated strap. This is not considered as a usual every day look,
since gold timepieces can be expensive. However, this option will provide you great value for
your hard-earned money.

2. Leather

Leather is the most common watch strap material used all over the world. This will look great on
you even with a formal and casual look. It is its aesthetic and texture and appeal that makes it
perfect for all premium watches. Apart from its classy appearance, it is also durable. Just be
careful about lots of fake leather in the market. The solution? Buy your watch strap from reliable manufacturers.

3. Rubber

Rubber is the next most popular material for timepiece straps. Many manufacturers use this for
kid’s watches and sports watches, since it is very lightweight and cheaper. Thus, if you are in the
market for an affordable strap, go for a silicone or rubber strap. This one may be affordable, but
it wouldn’t feel awkward on your wrist. It is comfortable and highly durable.